Products : Match Engine - LD Compair, Risk Management - LD Compair Risk, Surveilliance - LD Compair Surveilliance, Clearing & Settlement - LD Compair CDS, Trading Frontoffice - LD Equate, Broking Backoffice - LD Keystone, Live Risk Management - LD Shield, DP Backoffice (CSDL/NSDL), Centralized Client Management - LD Masterkey, Franchisee Management - LD Maestro, Mobile Backoffice - LD M-BOS, Digital e-Signing Reports(e-Reports), IVR - LD Teleresponder, Scheduler - LD ROBOCOM, Depository Backoffice(CDSL/NSDL), LD LTM

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Welcome to Apexsoftcell Apex Softcell (India) Pvt Ltd was incorporated at Bombay on 31st December 1992 with a brand name of "LIDHA DIDHA". LIDHA DIDHA is derived from a Gujarati Word which means Buying & Selling. The Company formed to carry out Broking Back-Office Software Solutions for Sub Broker's in India.

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MCX, SX backoffice software Apex Softcell is ready with MCX SX Backoffice... More..


ASHIKA STOCK BROKING PVT. LTD. LD Rakshak has given us live RMS a concept which is unique and would... More..

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