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Established in 1992, Apex Softcell provides solutions through Innovative products focused on the capital market and financial industry. Our Products and services are the result of a collective Knowledge and over two decades of Cumulative experience with our Senior management team in core Capital market development and Implementation projects. Our team's expertise and beliefs distill into a strong identity for our offerings, proving that we truly understand the functioning of Stock Exchange and Stock Broker, the challenges they face and solutions they need. The reason for our tremendous growth is “We sell customer centric problem solving solution and not software solutions”

Long Term Relationship

At Apex We Believe Commitment is an essential Ingredient for successful long-term relationships. We believe inCustomer Trust,Customer Relationship Value Customer Commitment as Key Variables for Long Term Relationships

Corporate Vision


Our Values

Since 1992 Apex has grown from two employees to One Hundred and Fifty employees .We have been guided throughout this growth by the values established by our founders. We cherish these values and practice them in all our Interactions.

Company Culture

To succeed, Businesses must create an atmosphere of honest and Ethical behavior within the workplace. The level of honesty associated with a corporation impacts the very livelihood of the business and can affect relationships beyond the Internal Infrastructure of the company.

Corporate Mission

Apex Softcell is dedicated in providing the brokers services and solutions that need to meet their business goals. One reason behind our competitive edge is that we can find better solutions by combining different kinds of experiences and ways of thinking. read-more..

Why Choose Apex

Apex has decades of experience in providing broking backoffice solutions, while adhering to industry's best practices

Our key differentiators as a provider of Live Trade Monitor software include:

Deep domain expertise drawn from years of experience in deploying broking software solutions across the products.

Proven, delivery-driven methodology and approach that have consistently resulted in feasible, economically viable solutions for our clients.

Strong process orientation, and our focus on best practices that ensure we adhere to the most stringent SLAs

Our Skills