Products : Match Engine - LD Compair, Risk Management - LD Compair Risk, Surveilliance - LD Compair Surveilliance, Clearing & Settlement - LD Compair CDS, Trading Frontoffice - LD Equate, Broking Backoffice - LD Keystone, Live Risk Management - LD Shield, DP Backoffice (CSDL/NSDL), Centralized Client Management - LD Masterkey, Franchisee Management - LD Maestro, Mobile Backoffice - LD M-BOS, Digital e-Signing Reports(e-Reports), IVR - LD Teleresponder, Scheduler - LD ROBOCOM, Depository Backoffice(CDSL/NSDL), LD LTM

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Welcome to Apex softcell

Welcome to Apexsoftcell Established in 1992, Apex Softcell provides solutions through innovative products focused on the capital market and financial industry. Our Products and services are result of a collective knowledge and over 2 decades of cumulative experience with our senior management team in core capital market development and implementation projects.

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PMS for Investors 100 Investor ClientsLive in LDPMS developed in Dot Net Technology More..


ASHIKA STOCK BROKING PVT. LTD. LD Rakshak has given us live RMS a concept which is unique and would... More..

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